One of the many #HRAwesome experiences in store for attendees at #SHRM22 will be interacting with HR vendors and service providers in the conference expo hall. One of the companies on my must visit list is RecogNation.

I recently had the pleasure to chat with a member of the RecogNation team that will be joining us in New Orleans, Kailey Savona.

Tina Marie: I am very excited to learn more about RecogNation. What makes you different from other HR rewards and recognition providers?

Kailey: RecogNation is an employee engagement and recognition company on a mission to transform how employees all over the world view and interact with their workplace. We offer both the tangible (service awards, onboarding kits, life celebrations) and the technology (eCards, social feed, nominations) to make sure moments don’t pass by unrecognized, no matter how big or small. Because we truly believe every moment matters

We create the blueprints for holistic recognition. That means we’re a one stop shop when it comes to both celebrating milestones and day-to-day recognition. Our programs are uniquely tailored to meet our clients’ needs, and we pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service. One of the perks of being a smaller recognition provider is that we can give quality time and attention to every single client!

Tina Marie: What is your role at RecogNation?

Kailey: I work on the content team at RecogNation! I write blogs, social posts, white papers, and other content while also co-hosting a podcast (so fun!) My main priority is to share resources and content that is relevant and helpful for HR and people leaders.

Tina Marie: How can HR use programs like yours to #CausetheEffect in our organizations?

Kailey: HR can use a program like ours to expand the reach of appreciation and gratitude to all employees – whether they are in person, remote, or hybrid. Every day can be like Employee Appreciation Day! In appreciating and engaging their employees, our clients have seen a boost in productivity and retention. And most importantly, employees are more connected and find more meaning at work.

Tina Marie: Where can we find you at the #SHRM22 Expo? Any special surprises in store when we visit your booth?

Kailey: Come visit us at booth 2151! We’ll be doing daily gift card giveaways (including a grand prize vacation) and you’ll have the opportunity to be featured on The RecogNATION podcast! Come say thank you to someone who has recently impacted you at work. Once the episode is published, we’ll include their name in the description with a time stamp so you can send it their way to hear your positive words. This is our unique way of highlighting moments that matter for HR leaders and anyone else attending the expo. And what a unique way to thank someone!

I look forward to learning more about RecogNation and all the other #HRAwesome vendors and services providers in the #SHRM22 expo! See you in #NOLA!