Wow, five years already! It feels like just yesterday that we started this journey in August 2018. Today, I’m so proud and grateful for all the hard work and dedication that has brought us to this point. TIMAWO wouldn’t be where we are now without our amazing clients, partners, and supporters,. And of course, my husband and sons who have been with me every step of the way.

Lessons Learned

Looking back on my five-year business journey, I’ve learned some important lessons I wanted to share with other business owners. Here are my five key takeaways:

  1. Always stay true to your vision and values – they will serve as your compass through all the challenges and triumphs of entrepreneurship.
  2. Be willing to take risks and explore new ideas – some of my most significant accomplishments resulted from thinking outside the box.
  3. Surround yourself with a supportive network of mentors, colleagues, and advisors who can offer guidance and motivation along the way.
  4. View failure as an opportunity to learn and develop – it’s a natural part of the journey.

To celebrate this milestone, we’re excited to announce we will be launching a new brand identity, which reflects our values and commitment to delivering exceptional HR services. This relaunch includes an updated website that will be easy to use and provide our clients with access to our full range of services.

Thank for your continued support, and here’s to many more years of success together!

Tina-Marie Wohlfield
Chief People Strategist and Founder

Photo Credit: Shawn Lee, Shawn Lee Studios