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Celebrating five years of impacting people at timawo

Celebrating Five Years of Impacting People at TIMAWO

Photo credit:  Shawn Lee Studios By Tina-Marie Wohlfield   Wow, five years already!  It feels like just yesterday that we started this journey in August 2018. Today, I'm so proud and grateful for all the hard work and dedication that has brought us to this point. TIMAWO wouldn't be where we are now without our amazing clients, partners, and supporters,. And of course, my husband and sons who have been with me every step of the way. Lessons Learned  Looking back on my five-year business...

The future of work begins with hr

The Future of Work Begins with HR

By Tina Marie Wohlfield As an HR leader, I feel we have the best seat in the organizational house. As champions of all things people, our ability to engage, influence and inspire people has a direct impact on revenues. No matter where you look today, there is conversation about the state of the "workforce". Whether it be referred to as "The Great Resignation", "Reshuffle" "Reinvention" or "Reflection", those we employ all seek something more out of the employment experience that we have been...

Be that leader you would want to work for

Be That Leader You Would Want to Work For

By Tina Marie Wohlfield As the parent of two teenagers, I often find my parenting words of wisdom mirrors that to which I share or have experienced over the course of my years in HR. The connection is that in HR we interact and support people, as a parent, I am merely just attempting to raise good people (to whom will enter the workforce and be the people that HR interacts and supports). As people, we often learn behaviors (good or bad) from others and apply those behaviors as being "normal"...

That one time at #mishrm22

That One Time at #MISHRM22

By Tina Marie Wohlfield It is the end of October, which means fall conference season is winding down.  An incredible season that kicked off with HR Indiana in late August will be ending with the 2022 HRUnite! Awards later this week. I attended MISHRM 22 this year from a different perspective, as a member of the conference committee leading the Social Media experience team affectionately known as the MIT (MISHRM Influencer Team).  It was an amazing experience and I want to shine the spotlight...

Mishrm 22 speaker spotlight – tom daniels

MISHRM 22 Speaker Spotlight – Tom Daniels

By Tina Marie Wohlfield One of the many breakout sessions taking place this year at MISHRM include one of my favorite speakers and best connectors in our #HRCommunity, Tom Daniels.  Tom is also a member of the MISHRM Influencer Team (MIT) and an exhibitor representing BGSU!  I am very excited to shine the spotlight on Tom and his upcoming session at MISHRM! Tom, please tell us a little bit about you and your role at Bowling Green State University (BGSU).  How did your prior HR/OD experience...

Wishrm 22 speaker spotlight – tom daniels

WISHRM 22 Speaker Spotlight – Tom Daniels

By Tina Marie Wohlfield We may be speaking at the same time at WISHRM 22, but I couldn't miss an opportunity to shine the speaker spotlight on Tom Daniels.  Tom is also my ride from the Madison airport, so it is the least I could do to highlight another of the #HRAwesome sessions in store for attendees this year at #WISHRM22.  For those of you that don't know Tom as well as I do - here is your opportunity to meet and learn more about one of the best connectors in our #HRCommunity. Tom, please...

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